Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Millie from Searsport

Millie from Searsport, Maine was born in 1933 on a warm day in winter.  That’s important because it doesn’t happen very often.  Cold days in summer are much more common.  Mom and Dad were visiting grandma and grandpa in Bangor when I decided it was time to see the world.  As grandma tells the story, “God opened up the heavens and sent His most special angel to deliver me to the world.”  It wasn’t my idea!
My sister Julie blames me for the broken arm she got.  I guess the angel that was delivering me was supposed to catch her as she jumped from the top bunk or something.  How can it be my fault that my sisters angel was due in Frankfort at the exact time that I was born.  And her arm wasn’t broken, her shoulder was out of the socket.  Uncle Tim just popped it back in place.  It is more painful for the shoulder to pop in than it is to pop out, as I am told everytime she gets really mad at me.  This could explain why my sister has always hated me.

To be continued . . .

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