Thursday, May 19, 2011

Herbert from Oklahoma

Herbert was born in Mississippi in 1891, but grew up in Oklahoma.  Dirt poor like most farmers 95% of the year, he grew up a happy little boy, up at the crack of dawn to do his chores just like the big boys.  He went to “Save them damn Frenchies” in 1918.  He said they wouldn’t fight for themselves and so he had to go do it for them.  He got the nickname Grumpy when he was in France and I guess it just kinda stuck.

So now I tell the stories of my grumpy to my grand kids.  They don’t have much time to listen because they have there game on hold, but I usually get them for five minutes.  My grand son, Herby, will know a little bit about the man he was named after.  I test him from time to time and he is listening.  So tag along and let’s get the bull started as grumpy used to say.

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